Nanz is the pairing of Franz Schwartz and Nicole Sonatta (N/icole, Fr/anz). This is a fan-fictionous pairing, created by deviantART users xChrononautx and DetectiveLayton92 in late June 2012. Both Franz and Nicole are OCs belonging to Chrononaut and DetectiveLayton92, respectively.

Relationship DynamicEdit

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Nanz Trivia/FactsEdit

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Nanz MomentsEdit

Layton's Little London -- DeviantARTEdit

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Fights/Bad TimesEdit

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Fan RepresentationEdit

Nanz's first fan-art was drawn by DetectiveLayton92, and is still being drawn by her.

They also have role play accounts, Doctor-Schwartz and NicoleSonatta, played by xChrononautx and DetectiveLayton92 respectively, in a Role-Play group on deviantART called LaytonsLittleLondon.

Nanz HintsEdit

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Nanz SongsEdit

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