"I can't thank the woman who saved my identity and for getting me that map?"

"Hm, nice try."

Ravole (Rah - voh - leh) is the pairing of Red Raven and Jean Descole (Rav/en, Desc/ole). This is a fanfictionous pairing made by LeopardShadow1213 in the story Rivalry Love.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Red Raven catches Descole at a party at the Govener's mansion. She pins him to the floor and rushes down the hall, until Descole notices she has the map he wants. He follows her, but is caught by Raven's wolf Bertolf. When the guards come, Raven kisses Descole on the lips and leaves him her sword. One of the guards tries to unmask Descole, to Raven's anger, so she saves and runs off with him.

Raven evacuates to the roof of the mansion, shortly followed by Descole.


  • They are probably the same age.

Ravole MomentsEdit

Rivalry LoveEdit

  • Descole tries to protect Raven.
  • Raven kicks Descole in the face.
  • Descole runs after her.

(more to be added)

Ravole InteractionsEdit

A kiss.

Spoken MomentsEdit

"Shut up and go before I make my wolf attack you."

"Easy boy..."

'"I can't thank the woman who saved my identity and for getting me that map?"'

'"Hm, nice try."'

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