Yes! With the thanks of the Wikia Help (article: Help:Color) and various other Wiki templates that other users (some of which I don't even know XD) I have figured out some stuff! I plan to make more of these. Ignore the pure crapness ^^' (might add pictures to templates soon):


"Get some more information! All of you! Before I call yer mommies and daddies!"
This article is a stub. You call help the Professor Layton Love Wiki by expanding this page. Do it for Seamus!

Lilpuzzlette64's new signature! (this is not a free template, it can only be used by ME)

"I, LP, will forever be Laytarded, as long as I am Alive, because I love you AND spectres!" ~  :D♥x

Here are some other templates made by the amazing DetectiveLayton92 ^^ (D, I can try out something similar for spoilers like Layton Wiki has?)


Professor, why is this template here?

This article contains spoilers for {{{1}}}, my boy.

Turn Back Now or Read At Your Own Risk!

Mature Warning


This article or section may contain inappropriate content.
It is only intended for a more mature audience.
Read at your own risk!

Undergoing Construction

WahWahWah Hold it! This page is currently undergoing a revision by {{{1}}}. Please leave the page how it is until this template is removed.

Now I just need to get used to not pressing the Signature button XD


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